Preview of finished home page design Business Model Canvas Excercise

We mapped the company's business model to gain the context necessary for effective value proposition design.

Value Proposition Design

We then designed value propositions for each audience segment by making connections between the attributes of the products & services with the wants, needs and pain points of the target persona.

Value Proposition: Customer Service Segment

An example of one value proposition designed for the Customer Service segment.

Sample Messaging

The Value Proposition statements allowed us to then develop creative messaging speaking directly to the prospect's preconceived wants and needs.

Site Map

With an understanding of the company business model, audience segments, and value propositions, we were then in a good position to re-architect the site-level structure to tell the story of the brand, products and services in a way that made sense to the target audience.

Content Strategy

Building on the site map, we developed a comprehensive and detailed content strategy for the website, outlining the discreet elements that will exist on each page, as well as on-page SEO notes.

Wireframe: Home Page

Building on the content strategy and the key messaging, we wrote original content emphasizing the high-level messages, and edited the rest of the site content for clarity and brevity. a full wireframe prototype for the entire site. We then created a full set of wireframes for the entire site, and delivered them via an interactive prototype. This image displays the hero module on the home page, with the introductory message emphasizing the "why" at the center of the AI Brain's purpose: developing fully autonomous AI technology that augments the human experience to help improve people's quality of living on Earth.

Wireframe 2: Home Page Slider with Messaging to each Audience Segment

Slider on home page delivering value proposition and creative messaging for each target audience segment, and explaining the application of the technology for that market.

Wireframe: Technology Overview

Wireframe of page providing an overview explanation of the four main technology components that work together to make up AI Brain's offering.

Mood Boards

As we moved into the visual design stage, we started by creating mood boards that explored directions for mood, persona and style.

Visual Design: Home Page

The finished visual design: Home Page.

Visual Design: Building True AI

Visual Design: educational content explaining what AI Brain means by "True AI": Fully autonomous AI combining problem solving, memory and learning..

Visual Design: Home page slider

Visual Design: Home page slider delivering key messages to each target audience segment.

Visual Design: Solutions Page

Visual Design: One of four pages describing how the technology is applied to provide solutions for different market segments.

Visual Design: Technology Overview

Visual Design for the page providing an overview of the four components that make up the technology offering.

Visual Design: AI Defined

Visual Design: Page module educating less tech savvy site visitors on AI, the different types, and which form AI Brain's technology takes.

About This Project

This top 20, Korea-based artificial intelligence company develops fully autonomous Ai (defined by reasoning, incremental learning and memory) for several industry applications including customer service, consumer products, game development and hospitality.

Brinton Design helped the company sharpen its positioning, define its value proposition and develop key messaging individually targeting 
each customer segment to better equip its sales force with the tools they need to grow their 
partner network.

We then completely redesigned the website and did the development.

To do this we:

  • Mapped business model
  • Redefined brand architecture for products and services
  • Defined audience segments
  • Designed value propositions for each audience segment
  • Developed messaging for each value proposition
  • Conducted an inventory of all content on the existing site
  • Rethought website architecture
  • Developed all new content strategy for site
  • Rewrote the entire website contents
  • Developed wireframe prototypes for the entire site
  • Developed mood boards
  • Created an all new visual design
  • Developed the site from scratch on the WordPress platform, layering in micro interactions and effects as we developed
Strategic Branding, Website Design